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Information, Communication and Technology and e-government Committee

1. Hon. Samuel D.Kamau Ngotho Chairperson 2. Hon.Rebecca Nyangati Vice Chairperson 3. Hon.John Kieru Wambui Member 4. Hon. Samuel Kimani Gachuhi Member 5. Hon. Beth Wahito Njoroge Member  6.Hon.Moses Mwicigi Member  7. Josphat Kamau Njoroge Member Read More »

Liason Committee

Shall guide and co-ordinate the operations, policies and mandates of all Committees, deliberate on and apportion the annual operating budget among the Committees, consider the programmes of all Committees, including their need to travel and sit away from the precincts of Assembly, ensure that Committees submit reports as required by these Standing Orders, determine, whenever necessary, the committee or committees ... Read More »

Committee On Intergovernmental Co-ordination


Consultation and co-operation between the national and county governments and amongst county governments, establishing mechanisms for the resolution of intergovernmental disputes pursuant to Articles 6 and189 of the Constitution. Current Members: 1. Hon. John Kieru Wambui Chairperson 2. Hon. Joseph Mumba Gichini Vice Chairperson 3. Hon. James Ndegwa Wahome Ex-Official 4. Hon. Joshua Muriithi Muigai Member 5. Hon. David Ndirangu ... Read More »

Procedure And Rules Committee


Current Members: 1. Hon. James Ndegwa Wahome Speaker/Chairperson 2. Hon. Paul Maina Nderitu Member 3. Hon. Samuel Mwangi Thuita Member 4. Hon. Jane Muthoni Mwathe Member 5. Hon. Teresiah Njoki Kamau Member 6. Hon. Michael Kirumba Member 7. Hon. Rahab Wanjehia Member   Read More »

Speakers Panel


Current Members: 1. Hon. James Ndegwa Wahome Speaker/Chairman 2. Hon. Edinald Wambugu King’ori D/Speaker 3. Hon. Joyce Nyambura Ng’a'ng’a Member 4. Hon. Dorcas Nyambura Kihara Member 5.Hon. Rahab Wanjehia Member Read More »

House Business Committee


Current Members: 1. Hon. James Ndegwa Wahome Speaker/Chairperson 2. Hon. Edinald Wambugu King’ori Vice Chairperson 3. Hon. Peter Githinji Ngumba Leader of Minority 4. Hon. John Kinyanjui Gachari Member 5. Hon. Sammy D.Kamau Ngotho Member 6. Hon. Miriam Wahura Ng’ang’a Member 7. Hon. Paul Maina Nderitu Member 8. Hon. Dorcas Nyambura Kihara Member 9. Hon.Michael Njoroge Kirumba Member 10. Hon. ... Read More »

Committee On Delegated Legistlation


Shall consider in respect of any statutory instrument whether it is in accord with the provisions of the Constitution, the Act pursuant to which it is made or other relevant written law, infringes on fundamental rights and freedoms of the public, contains a matter which in the opinion of the Committee should more properly be dealt with in an Act ... Read More »

Committee On Implementation


Shall scrutinize the resolutions of the Assembly (including adopted committee reports), petitions and the undertakings given by the County Executive. Committee examine whether or not such decisions and undertakings have been implemented and where implemented, the extent to which they have been implemented and whether such implementation has taken place within the minimum time necessary and whether or not legislation ... Read More »

Budget And Appropriations Committee


Shall be to investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the of the county budget, discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the Assembly, examine the County Budget Policy Statement presented to the Assembly, examine Bills related to the national budget, including Appropriations Bills and evaluate tax estimates, economic and ... Read More »

Public Investments And Accounts Committee


Shall examine the accounts showing the appropriations of the sum voted by the House to meet the public expenditure and of such other accounts laid before the House as the Committee may think fit the reports and accounts of all county public investments, examine the reports, if any, of the Auditor General on the public investments and examine, in the ... Read More »