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Directorate of Budget, Finance and Economic Planning


Provision of aprofessional platform to Members of Nyandarua County Assembly and Nyandarua County Assembly Service Board and in particular.

  1. Providing technical input in the process of assessing Nyandarua County Government policy options.
  2. Providing technical (financial and economic) input in the Nyandarua County Assembly legislative processes, more precisely in;
    • Budget Estimates,
    • Fiscal Strategic Paper,
    • Appropriation Act,
    • Finance Act,
    • Budget Review and Outlook Paper,
    • Other national finance related legislations.
  3. Providing financial and economic inputon the Nyandarua County Planning processes. This entails technically looking at the development and review of:
    • Annual Development Plan
    • Sectorial  Plans
    • County Integrated Development Plan
    • With their consistency with the National Policies And Laws
  4. Providing technical input in the monitoring of the Nyandarua County budget.
  5. Spearheading the functioning of the Budget, Finance and Economic Planning directorate by developing and reviewing committee and departmental works plans.
  6. Spearheading the implementation of prudent financial practices within Nyandarua County Assembly as per Public Finance management Act, The Constitution of Kenya and other Laws.

Joseph Maina was Appointed to the position of Directorate of Budget, Finance and Economic Planning on 1stMay 2014.Joseph Maina Njuguna

Professional Experience

  1. Senior Economist-Nairobi City County
  2. Economist- Nyandarua Central and Embakasi-Sub County:
  3. Social Intelligence Reporting: This is a program co-funded by UNICEF and Government of Kenya to empower the local organization to be solution providers to their on social problems. The program targeted the health, education and water Sector, key beneficiaries in Embakasi district been Nairobi Water and Sanitation Company (NAWASCO) water projects, 5 dispensaries, 12 primary schools.
  4. Coordinating Constituency Development Fund-Embakasi and Ol-Kalou-Kenya.This involved guiding the constituency committee on proper identification and planning of projects, monitoring the implementation of the projects, authorizing utilization of the funds, production of monthly statements of expenditures.
  5. Coordinating the implementation of Community Empowerment and Institutional Support Program, Embakasi Kenya funded by African Development Bank and Government of Kenya.
  6. Monitoring the implementation of Economic Stimuli Package programs in Nyandarua and Embakasi sub-counties.
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation officer, Nyandarua Kenya.Monitoring and Evaluation Officer withCentral Kenya Dry Area Program (CKDAP) in Nyandarua North District. The program was co-funded by International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD), Belgium survival Fund (BSF) and Government of Kenya (GoK).
  8. A part time lecturer with Kenya Institute of Management Nyahururu branch.
  9. Lecturer with Kenya College of Accountancy Githunguri Campus (Now K.C.A University).

Professional background

 Undertook the following courses;

  1.   Leveraging local asset for community development in Rehovolt, Israel.
  2.  Disaster Management Course organized by UNDP and GoK.
  3. Undertook a Degree of Masters of Arts in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi and graduated on September 9th 2011.
  4.  Sat and passed Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A) Examinations up to Part III.
  5.  Social Intelligence reporting course organized by UNICEF and GoK.
  6.  Introduction to Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing at CETRAD Institute –Nanyuki Kenya.
  7. Project Monitoring and Evaluation course at Kenya Government School Organized by Development Course by IFAD-CKDAP.
  8. Trained on Performance Management by Ministry of  Public Service 
  9. Undertook a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics, from the University of Nairobi, and graduated with a Second Class Honors (Upper Division) Degree.