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HonJohn Githinji Mwaniki Geta wd (3)Hon. Githinji Mwaniki (36) is the MCA for Geta Ward where is he serving for the second term, and is the only MCA re-elected in Kipipiri Constituency during the 2017 general elections. He is the Vice Chairman of Budget and Appropriations Committee.

He is a member of Trade, Cooperative, Industrialization and Enterprises Development Committee; Health Services Committee and Members Welfare, Catering and Library Committee.

Hon. Githinji holds a Diploma in Community Development from Laikipia University and is pursuing a degree of the same from the same university. He also holds a Certificate in County Governance and Administration from Dedan Kimathi University.

He has endeared himself to the residents of Geta Ward through his efforts to promote their welfare. During his first five years in the County Assembly, nearly all dormant cooperative societies have been revived, Roads have been rehabilitated, direct marketing of farm produce has been promoted and health services have been improved. Water has also been supplied to homes and small scale irrigation has been started.

Moving forward, Hon .Githinji wants the newly drawn plan for Geta town to be implemented and the recently bought livestock yard will also be operationalized.  He wants to focus more on dairy farming and youth and women empowerment.

Hon. Githinji is married with two children.